Understanding the tax and regulatory implications of your VoIP business is complicated. Our telecommunications lawyers can support your business when it comes to understanding how the VoIP industry is being taxed and regulated.

Areas of support include:

  • advising clients on the differences between Fixed, Facilities-Based and Nomadic VoIP services and the disparate treatment of various flavors of VoIP at the federal, state and local levels
  • applying legal precedents, industry practices, and risk sensitivities to optimize tax and regulatory fees compliance
  • lawfully reducing exposure of revenue to taxes and fees
  • being aware of the differences between federal and state regulations
  • knowing the applicability of “telecommunications taxes” on VoIP providers
  • a review of 911 fees
  • and being up to date on pending regulations and legislation that will impact how VoIP services are treated and providing advocacy services, such as agency lobbying and participation in rulemaking and other administrative proceedings.
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