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Telecom Product Classification is everything

Creating a comprehensive, defensible product catalog is your key to success

We ensure the telecommunications service and product data that goes into your tax engine software system is accurate and optimized when it comes out. With our Tax Engine Integration Service, our attorneys work with you, your accounting and billing team, and your tax software provider from start to finish to lay a foundation for success.

Hot topic: Robocalls

Does STIR/SHAKEN apply to your voice service?

We have the knowledge to help you understand the laws and ensure you are taking the proper steps to be compliant.

remediating non-compliance

Managing USAC Notice of Inquiry / Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies that are not fully aware of the full range of regulatory and compliance obligations across sectors and jurisdictions can discover non-compliance issues during times of change. Companies selling, refinancing, or contacted by USAC need support closing out and updating compliance status to move forward.

Broadband confusion

Same wire, different technology, different meanings for compliance

Different broadband protocols mean different types of classification and regulatory oversight for broadband companies. Whether adjusting to meet regulatory requirements, entering the broadband market, or navigating the shifting broadband regulatory landscape, we’re here to strategically guide you from regulatory risks and remain compliant. 

infrastructure right-of-way

Accessing private, public, and railroad property to deploy new facilities

Deploying new facilities in a new location means gaining access to buildings, poles, railroad property, and other spaces to support expanding telecom infrastructure. The CommLaw Group can help classify your business for eminent domain to support access, negotiate with private landowners and railroads, and ensure expansion is possible.

911 / e-911

Compliance with local and regional systems

Placeholder text. What exactly is required and of whom? 

Privacy matters

Published policies must reflect your actual practices

Assessments of privacy and security requirements to ensure compliance with CPNI, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, COPPA, FTC Fair Information Practices Principles and others.

Latest telecom legal Advisories

We carefully follow regulators, litigation, and rulemakings to ensure our clients are informed of the ever-changing landscape of telecommunications compliance, tax, and regulatory changes

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