Marashlian & Donahue – The CommLaw Group – is a full service telecom law firm located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area catering to businesses operating in and around the dynamic and diverse communications and information technology industries.  Our clients include providers of VoIP, wireless and traditional telecommunications services, SaaS-based and “cloud computing” technologists, Internet of Things application and network vendors, and nearly every imaginable 21st Century business driving the Digital Revolution. 

Experienced in virtually all aspects of federal and state laws and regulation affecting the telecommunications, information services, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and digital & traditional broadcast media industries, The CommLaw Group is the “go to” law firm for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations from around the globe and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the Capital Region’s Premier Law Firms. In an unprecedented era of change in the legal profession, The CommLaw Group is also well-recognized as an innovator and thought leader — The Lawyer Who Connected The Dots A Decade Before Anyone Else.

Our firm represents businesses primarily engaged in the vibrant communications and information technologies industries, including players throughout the burgeoning Internet of Things and Digital Economy ecosystems.  Known for our value-drive, client-centric approach to delivering specialized services, The CommLaw Group is not your ordinary boutique telecom law firm.  Together with The Commpliance Group, its affiliated consultancy, The CommLaw Group is a professional services “organization” that was specially designed and staffed to service the Full Spectrum of legal, consulting and compliance needs of the industry players it represents.  And while focusing on niche telecom law firm servicing needs, our practice is both deep and broad, covering everything from commercial law to complex litigation and transactional work, intellectual property, privacy law & cyber-security, and much more.

Communications services, information technologies and the non-traditional business methods used to bring services and products to the marketplace continue to progress at an unprecedented pace. This evolution is occurring, in many ways, due to the Internet, broadband networks and the unbridled imagination of the entrepreneurial businesses we represent. The laws, regulations and policies forged in the last century, and the government agencies tasked with enforcement, have struggled to maintain pace with these dramatic changes, leaving uncertainty in their wake. Businesses operating in this rapidly changing landscape demand specialized counsel. The CommLaw Group is unique among its peers, offering clients a scope of capabilities rarely found in boutique law firms. More than anything else, our ability to turn uncertainty into confidence is what makes us stand out.

The CommLaw Group is synonymous with “communications” in any form. With decades of experience before the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), the Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”), Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), state telecommunications regulatory agencies, attorneys general, and state and federal civil and tax courts, the depth and scope of our capabilities distinguishes our firm. Our attorneys fully know the industry and are proud to share their business acumen when advising clients on the financial, operational, and regulatory issues that allow companies to innovate and thrive. And our affiliated consultant firm, The Commpliance Group, is available to fulfill the Full Spectrum of professionally managed regulatory compliance solutions.

The CommLaw Group helps our clients meet industry regulations and protect their company’s reputation and brand. We pride ourselves on our expertise in communications and technology law; after all, if we weren’t experts in Communications, we wouldn’t be called The CommLaw Group!

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Firm Awards

National and International legal and business publications often acknowledge Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, and their services for their contributions to the advancement of the legal profession.

It’s the people who make up our Firm who are most frequently being recognized for their leadership and exceptional dedication to the practice (and business) of law.  These awards and accolades speak to the level of commitment every CommLaw Group attorney makes to each of our clients, to perform our best.

The following awards are representative of the recognition received firm wide over the past few years:

  • Marashlian & Donahue, LLC named 2014 Leading Customer Service Law Firm
  • The Commpliance Group named 2014 Niche Consultancy of the Year – Telecommunications