A new kind of law firm

Built for the communications and information technologies industries’ boundless future

The CommLaw Group helps our clients meet current industry regulations, protect their company’s reputation, and uphold their brand standards.


Over the years, our firm has developed a reputation as a champion of competition, which comes from our understanding of, and deep respect for, our clients. Our intimate knowledge of the ever-evolving legal, regulatory, and marketplace forces which are constantly challenging businesses to be competitive, helps us address our clients’ problems and solve them with a strategic combination of legal, practical and political skills. In an era marked by dramatic advances in technology and international business expansion into new markets, The CommLaw Group, together with The Commpliance Group, is prepared to provide legal and consultancy services that meet the changing needs of our clients. Always.


Provide big firm expertise and big firm results with small firm service and small firm fees.

The world is changing in dramatic ways; the economy, technology, and the industries represented by our clients, are only some of the radical transformations we have seen. We haven’t been sitting back and just watching the world change around us. Instead, we’ve made it a point to address these changes and evolve our firm to adapt to them. We’ve brought together a wide range of experienced professionals – attorneys as well as consultants — who are highly knowledgeable in the unique specialty areas required by our clients and we’ve created an organization that provides the Full Spectrum of services, under one roof, at a range of rates that always remain affordable.”


The CommLaw Group provides focused, cost-effective legal and regulatory counsel to businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovative individuals driving the world’s economy. Our uncompromising goal is to help our clients take advantage of competitive opportunities while warding off competitive threats, in order to provide their increasingly diverse array of traditional, advanced, and hybrid communications and technology products and services to the public.

Our dedicated attorneys are trained to provide our clients with the valuable intangibles: commitment, innovative analysis, strategic thinking, and bold advocacy. Our unique brand of legal representation helps our clients master the opportunities that generate their businesses’ growth.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the most effective representation possible, but unlike many of our big law firm peers, we provide it without the wasteful overhead and unrealistic billable hours requirements typical of our larger competitors. By eschewing the traditional high-leverage, high-billable-hour model characteristic of large firms, The CommLaw Group has established a model allowing us to offer our clients exceptional, large legal firm representation at rates up to 50% lower than many of our closest competitors in the Washington, D.C. region.

The CommLaw Group is proud to provide exceptional expertise without an outrageous price tag.

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