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Securing necessary registrations and authorizations is an essential first step for market entry by competitive telecommunications providers

Market entry

FCC and state licensing are critical for compliance. In addition, obtaining and maintaining required licenses gives wholesale suppliers, carrier partners, customers, and investors the comfort needed to grow and sustain competitive telecommunications businesses.

The CommLaw Group has extensive experience representing domestic and multi-national telecommunications providers with the full panoply of their licensing needs.

We offer affordable certification and licensing options for all telecommunications services, including CLEC, IXC, prepaid calling, and VoIP providers. 

We are well versed in assisting providers with foreign ownership issues and in navigating and responding to review processes.

We help competitive providers obtain necessary licenses and approvals from the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunication Commission (CRTC), the Canadian equivalent to the FCC.

Market Exit

Compliance obligations do not end once a company has ceased providing services. Indeed, companies that change hands, enter bankruptcy, or wind down their businesses have important regulatory obligations before they can stop providing telecommunications services.

This is particularly true of carriers that have obtained 214 Licenses, USAC Filer IDs, 499 registration, and state telecommunications licenses.

Failing to alert regulators and obtain required discontinuance authorization can result in significant delays, serious fines, and enforcement actions.

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