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Regulatory due diligence, telecom deal structuring, transaction documents, opinion letters, federal and state regulatory clearances and approvals

The CommLaw Group prides itself on providing its telecommunications providers with custom legal advice targeted at risk management, business planning, and other proactive measures designed to avoid or minimize the impact of regulatory action and litigation.

The rapid pace of technology development and an ever-evolving regulatory environment, companies in the communications industry must be flexible and understand how to navigate unproven legal areas to take advantage of opportunities and protect themselves from undue risk.

Our commercial transactions attorneys combine corporate transaction experience with unmatched understanding of the telecom market sector. This highly regulated environment means that start-ups, multi-national enterprise providers, new market entrants, and established telecom firms need a legal team to help advise, develop strategies for commercial structure, and to develop contracts and terms that protect telecom firms, ISPs, VoIP and other emerging technology firms. 

We work with owners, investors, and outside counsel of wirelines, wireless, and VoIP providers in the U.S. and internationally, handling fully or advising to counsel on everything from acquisitions and mergers to joint ventures, transfers of control, Carrier of Record arrangements, buyouts, bankruptcies through the complex lens of telecommunications regulatory and compliance. 

Commercial transactions in the telecom space are infinitely more complex than most industries. With our team's focus entirely on telecom, we are the best firm to handle the complex issues buried in the standard commercial contracts. By spotlighting regulatory, licensing, compliance, liability, data and consumer protection, and emerging issues, our team acts as both legal service providers and consulting partners to help identify risks, minimize exposure, and create effective, custom-fit solutions to each and every firm. 

Because we have long practiced in industry sectors featuring skewed playing fields and hyper-competitive environments, we provide counsel not only to help you survive, but also to thrive.

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