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The complexities of the telecom industry's legal and regulatory requirements make M&A transactions even more challenging

Facing a telecom merger and acquisition isn't like other commercial transactions. Having a legal team with unparalleled understanding and years' of experience in the industry means our attorneys know what to look for immediately and long-term to achieve the best possible results.

We know the telecom industry inside and out. In addition to understanding strategic business goals, our telecom specialty means we can help avoid the common - and the obscure - legal issues that can undermine a telecom M&A negotiated transaction. 

In addition to telecom M&A, The CommLaw Group has experience in corporate restructuring and legal transfers of control, including spectrum acquisition and spectrum sales. 

Forming joint ventures, strategic alliances, and/or restructuring can have a major impact on the regulatory and tax burden of a telecom entity. Working with counsel to optimize during an M&A or restructuring can help maximize profit and minimize regulatory and tax obligations. 

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