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Optimized corporate structure aligned with clear strategic goals is essential to minimize telecom compliance risk and burdens

Corporate structure analysis focuses on the structure and design of the organization and how the organization's legal formation, systems, capacity, and functionality can change or influence legal obligations and risk. 

In the telecommunications industry, where change is standard, companies must be nimble. State and federal regulations can change quickly, shaking up even the most established firms' planning. 

Different types of corporate formation and structure have different advantages and limitations, and adding in the additional complexities of the telecommunications industry's legal and regulatory requirements makes these decisions even more challenging.

Our telecom attorneys provide comprehensive strategic planning advice to telecom service providers, specifically focused on navigating the industry's highly regulated landscape in order to find pathways to growth. 

In addition to navigating complex telecom transactions—mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, buyouts, spectrum auctions, tender offers and restructurings—we work to advise on how to optimize corporate structures, operations, and plans to reduce regulatory risk and exposure. 

Clients rely on our specialized focus of the telecom legal and regulatory landscape across federal, state, and local jurisdictions to help them mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.

In addition to corporate restructuring, The CommLaw Group has experience in M&A, and legal transfers of control, including spectrum acquisition and spectrum sales. 

Forming joint ventures, strategic alliances, and/or restructuring can have a major impact on the regulatory and tax burden of a telecom entity. Working with counsel to optimize and restructure can help maximize profit and minimize regulatory and tax obligations. 

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