Global Professional Services Referral Network

Our boutique US law firm stands uniquely positioned to cater to our clients' diverse needs by providing access to a Global Professional Services Referral Network. This exclusive network empowers our clients to seamlessly access a wide array of legal and expert professional services across the globe, ensuring comprehensive and tailored solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. With this unparalleled reach, we deliver a holistic approach to addressing intricate legal challenges and securing top-tier expertise for our clients' success on an international scale.

Borderless Boutique: Small Firm with a Boundless Scope

To provide our Communications & Information Technology clients with the ability to enter new markets throughout the globe in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies (in accordance with strategies and fee structures tailored to each client’s unique circumstances), Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, is continuously evaluating international professional service firms and growing its referral network.

Our goal in forming a global network of professional service referral firms is to ensure our clients receive the same scope, level, and nature of service they are accustomed to and trust they will receive from our firm and to make our clients’ desire to expand into international markets a process that is as efficient, seamless, and stress-free as possible.

If your company is considering expanding internationally or otherwise requires experienced professional guidance on a country-specific or regional basis, contact us.

Join Our Network

Any international professional services firm, either legal or consultative, seeking to become part of our firm’s network must demonstrate its alignment with the following overarching philosophy and expectations:

Contact Jonathan S. Marashlian at for more information on The CommLaw Group’s Global Professional Services Referral Network.

*Image for illustrative purposes only; does not reflect actual heat map determinations

Red: Higher Risk/Higher Consequence

Yellow: Moderate Risk/Moderate Consequence

Green: Lower Risk/Lower Consequence

Heat Map

Global Market Entry & Compliance

Introducing the “Global Heat Map” – your essential tool for navigating international communications regulations. Designed for businesses seeking global expansion, this entry-level product offers a cost-effective solution to assess regulatory and legal requirements in target countries. Developed in collaboration with Access Partnership, our strategic partners, the Global Heat Map employs a country-specific matrix to categorize jurisdictions by risk level.

Our Heat Map empowers informed decision-making by offering clarity on the essential compliance countries, ensuring your business enters markets fully prepared. From a simple “Yes or No” assessment to a comprehensive understanding of each country’s specific obligations, the Global Heat Map equips you to navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence. Step into new markets with awareness and compliance – your global expansion starts here.

Key insights provided by the Heat Map include:

  • Does the country impose regulatory obligations on Over the Top VOIP service providers?
  • Are fees or contributions to programs, similar to the US Universal Service Fund, mandatory?
  • Is registration required for telephone number assignment?
  • Are additional obligations present, posing economic risks beyond enforcement actions?

If you are interested in learning more about our Global Heat Map product, please contact us!

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