Dominant Foreign Carrier Services

When it comes to dominant foreign carrier services classification and compliance, The CommLaw Group has the insight necessary to understand the FCC’s expectations.

The Commission defines a U.S. international carrier, whether U.S. or foreign-owned, as a dominant foreign carrier only on those routes where a “foreign affiliate” of the carrier has the ability to discriminate against unaffiliated U.S. carriers in the provision of services or facilities used to terminate U.S. international traffic in the destination market. (J 7 FCC Red at 7332.)

The Commission revised Section 63.01(r) of its rules to require each applicant for international Section 214 authority to certify whether it has an affiliation with a foreign carrier.

A U.S. carrier is an “affiliate” of a foreign carrier when the U.S. carrier controls, is controlled by. or is under common control with a foreign carrier. (7 FCC Red at 7332-33.)


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