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Business broadband is a high-speed internet connection for use in offices and other workplaces. Think of it as a commercial-grade internet solution with added features and dedicated customer support that’s often backed by a strong service-level agreement (SLA). Reliability is usually guaranteed, with uptimes of more than 99%.

While the term “broadband internet” most often refers to cable internet plans thanks to its wide availability, other business-grade broadband connections like fiber, dedicated internet, and enterprise-grade 5G fall under the same umbrella.

The regulatory treatment and tax classifications of services one might typically think of as business or enterprise broadband can be materially distinct. For example, would you believe that some of the following are taxed as communications, others may not be?

  • Ethernet
  • MPLS (multi-protocol label switching)
  • Business Data Services
  • IP (internet protocol)
  • SIP (session initiation protocol)
  • Broadband transport for internet access providers
  • BIAS (broadband Internet access services)
  • And more

Make sure you are getting it right, because if you aren’t correct, you may be lagging with compliance (and therefore creating exposure) or excessively conservative (thus costing you competitive pricing and positioning).

We can help advise on the regulatory, tax and business implications of offering any of the various flavors of broadband, Internet access, and data transmission services.

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