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There are thousands of federal, state, and local taxes and fees levied on telecommunications providers

Our experienced telecom tax law attorneys represent telecom suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers in all areas of this complex market sector so they can understand their tax liabilities, risk exposure, and opportunities for smart growth.

Due to a variety of factors, federal, state, and local taxes and other impositions are growing and often represent an unrecoverable burden on a company’s profitability. However, these taxes and impositions can be reduced or, in some instances eliminated, by adjusting the way in which one's business is conducted, and by getting in contact with trusted tax law attorneys.

The CommLaw Group’s tax analysis and planning services can be used by clients to adjust existing business relationships and/or operations, marketing, sales, billing, and accounting practices, and organizational structures, in order to minimize or eliminate federal, state, and local tax and regulatory impositions without adversely affecting the client’s core business goals and plans.

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