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We speak from experience when we say: once USAC contacts you with an inquiry, it’s already too late

Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”) evaluations can be overwhelming unless your company is prepared. 

The CommLaw Group has been through every step of the USAC audit process, including audit defense. We know that USAC expects a response to an initial list of questions within a week or two of notification.

During an audit, USAC will exhaustively evaluate your company’s compliance relative to a list of constantly changing accounting, jurisdictional, and revenue reporting rules – from FCC regulations, to Form 499 instructions, to USAC policies. 

With new or changing regulations also come increasingly complex revenue reporting and heightened regulatory scrutiny.

The CommLaw Group's USAC Compliance Review helps you prepare for an audit or review, defend during an audit, and maintain USAC compliance

Although USAC examines only one year’s Form 499-A filing, at the conclusion of an audit, USAC will direct the filer to apply its findings to prior years. Without any limitations period on USAC’s ability to look back in time to identify under-reported revenue and missing contributions, the stakes are incredibly high. 

Clients that have worked with The CommLaw Group have reported numerous benefits from our services, including:
  • Reduced risk of regulatory non-compliance, limiting fines and penalties and regulatory audit exposure
  • Potential reductions in federal USF contributions, resulting in increased net income and/or reduced customer billings
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory reporting process
  • Enhanced awareness of regulatory changes and related business implications/risks
  • Enhanced preparation for compliance audits from regulatory agencies and third parties with minimal disruption to normal operations
  • Automation of regulatory processes with appropriate controls, enabling continuous monitoring of regulatory compliance and timely reporting

The CommLaw Group can help your telecom company develop policies and procedures that ensure you are continually prepared for an audit and can more quickly and successfully defend during audit or review. 

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