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Telecommunications regulatory and compliance is the heart of The CommLaw Group's award-winning practice

The CommLaw Group is built on a foundation of providing unparalleled understanding, comprehensive counsel, and legal representation every regulatory matter facing telecom, wireless, broadband, VoIP, software developers including SaaS, cloud computing, and telecommunications infrastructure businesses ranging from small ISPs to international telecom companies. 

We understand how to navigate the law, interpret the regulations, and craft unique and practical solutions to develop your individual path to manageable, predictable, and affordable regulatory compliance.

Start with tax, regulatory compliance will follow 

A key part of our client success is ensuring the most fundamental regulatory and compliance issues are addressed to create an ecosystem that is manageable, scalable, and keeps compliance costs predictable and low. By helping companies develop the most accurate and optimized suite of products and services to minimize tax burden and exposure through our Tax Engine Onboarding and Product Catalog Optimization program in our telecom tax practice, we build defensible catalogs that map as accurately as possible to the Form 499.

Telecom regulatory and compliance made easy

Once your product catalog is optimized, the attorneys at The CommLaw group help ensure your company has access to our award-winning consulting team at The Commpliance Group to manage your ongoing compliance needs with affordable managed outsourced compliance, tax remittance and escrow, and risk monitoring service.

At the periphery of quarterly and annual filings and tax compliance, The CommLaw Group will develop a complete compliance ecosystem that meets the unique requirements of your service offerings that may include: 

Audits and investigations representation

We represent telecom companies in responding to inquiries, investigations, and audits  and enforcement proceedings before the FCC’s Office of Inspector General and Enforcement Bureau, the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC), the Federal Trade Commission, state utilities commissions, and state attorneys general and other regulatory bodies.

Learn more about USAC audits and inquiries.

Licensing and registration with The Commpliance Group

Partnering with your lead attorney, our affordable, award-winning team of consultant at The Commpliance Group walks clients through the  complex process of obtaining federal, state, and local licenses for market entry, market exit, transactions, and mergers and acquisitions.  We also submarine cable system owners, lessors, and operators and satellite system operators on FCC licensing requirements. 

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