Essential Steps to Achieve Telecom Tax & Regulatory Fee Compliance

Succeed and accomplish your compliance goals with the help of experienced legal and consulting professionals combined.

Serious Growth is Built on Smart Compliance

Compliance is complicated and should not be outsourced blindly.

Stick to Our Proven Method to Avoid “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

Perfect your company’s Data Inputs and Outputs by doing it The CommLaw Way! Then trust the best in breed professionals of The Commpliance Group to maintain your compliance!

Essential Steps to Achieve Accurate, Optimized, and Reliable Telecom Tax & Regulatory Fee Compliance

We ensure the telecommunications service and product data that goes into your tax system is optimized and accurate when it comes out. In our 5-step process, we work directly with you, your accounting team, and your tax software provider from start to finish.


STEP 1. Define & Classify

Compliance Accuracy Starts with Your Product & Service Catalog

Ensure accurate tax and fee application while minimizing customer impact with a well-defined Product & Service Catalog.

What's a Product & Service Catalog?

It’s an Excel Spreadsheet listing every billable product, service, bundles, and surcharges offered by a service provider.

How We Help:

Our Telecom Law attorneys analyze your services to determine proper regulatory and tax classifications. If uncertainty arises, we provide guidance on risk and consequences, tailoring solutions to your unique needs.


STEP 2. Optimize Catalog

Don’t Just Comply. Comply Intelligently! Maximize Compliance and Still Minimize Your Exposure to Taxes & Fees

Your Product & Service Catalog is key to reducing tax and fee burdens while recovering compliance costs.
Benefits of Optimization

Minimizes collection risks

Competitive pricing

Covers compliance expenses

Defends against audits

Common Optimization Opportunities

Bundled Service Revenue Allocations

Geographic Jurisdictionalization

Cost Recovery Fee

How We Help:

Our Telecom Law attorneys analyze bundled services, applying lawful revenue allocation methods to optimize your tax exposure.

Failing to optimize means your company is subsidizing its competitors!


STEP 3. Mapping & Testing

With Perfected Data Inputs, Your Path to Compliance Continues with Tax Engine Integration

Next, it’s time to integrate your company’s perfected Data Inputs into a tax calculation engine and conduct thorough testing to ensure flawless Data Outputs for customer invoicing.

What is Tax Mapping?

Tax Mapping links your cataloged products and services to their corresponding taxes and fees. We work with top communications tax software providers like Avalara, Sure Tax, CereTax, and Vertex. Our process involves selecting the appropriate “Tax Code” from the vendor’s guides and applying it to each item. We then test the results, address any discrepancies, and fine-tune the mapping, empowering your team to handle it internally.

How We Help:

Every tax engine is distinct, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Rely on our seasoned experts, who bring their deep knowledge, years of experience, and valuable vendor connections to tailor the most efficient and effective approach for your individual needs.


STEP 4. Alignment

Now You are Ready to Start Invoicing. But Your Compliance Journey Isn’t Over Yet!

It’s Time to Align Perfected Data Outputs to Ensure the Most Accurate, Efficient and Affordable Compliance Reporting!

The final step in the “legal” process is the alignment of Data Outputs with the compliance filings and reports. It’s imperative that your company and/or its compliance partner have access to accurate, thorough, and easy to understand and use data to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and confidence when reporting to various governmental authorities, like USAC, Departments of Revenue, 911 administrators, and others. Our approach to aligning Data Outputs with the applicable compliance reports, returns, and filings makes it easier for your company to minimize costs, errors, and avert the costly cleanup efforts many service providers encounter because they neglect this essential step in the compliance process.

Time to Finish Strong!


STEP 5. Outsource Compliance

Don’t Mess Things Up Now!

Trust the ‘Best in Breed’ Vendor of Outsourced Compliance Services

After completing the first four essential steps to ensuring accurate and optimized Telecom Tax & Fee Compliance, entrust The Commpliance Group with the implementation and management of your compliance obligations.

In a market flooded with vendors promising an ‘Easy Button,’ The Commpliance Group is the one outsourced compliance service provider willing to tell the hard truth. While the ‘Easy Button’ may sound appealing to startups daunted by regulatory and tax compliance complexities, we prioritize transparency and confidence in compliance over empty promises.

Compliance is NOT easy, it’s complicated.

Remember what your father told you, because “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!”

Contact The Commpliance Group for more information and to receive a quote.

Compliance is complicated. We do it right.

The unique relationship between Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group and its affiliated outsourced compliance consultancy, The Commpliance Group, provides wraparound support for companies operating in the heavily regulated and taxed communications services industry.

The CommLaw Group perfects the inputs, applying accurate and optimized taxation and regulatory fee determinations and tex engine mappings to your services.

The Commpliance Group provides accurate managed compliance services, custom tailored to each unique client we serve.

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