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It's not just the FCC: Regulators seeking to enforce may surprise you 

Zealous and Experienced Audit and Investigation Representation

It's not just the FCC. When it comes to enforcing regulations, surprises can arise from a multitude of quarters. While telecom service providers often hone in on FCC enforcement, this intricate and highly regulated industry places them under the vigilant scrutiny of a myriad of federal, state, and local agencies. These diligent watchdogs, including the FTC, USAC, public utilities commissions, state attorneys general, and entities like the Office of the Inspector General or the Department of Justice, leave no stone unturned.

At our firm, we stand as stalwart defenders, representing clients in audits and investigations that span a spectrum of critical areas such as consumer protection, data privacy, tax compliance, and USF violations. Our profound understanding of the enforcement process empowers us to navigate audits successfully, earning us a reputation for unwavering client advocacy.

Covering the Full Range of Audits and Investigations

Our track record of excellence extends to a diverse array of audits and investigations, including:

  • USAC audits, FCC appeals and Waivers
  • USAC Notice(s) of Issue(s)(NOIs)
  • State and Local Tax (SALT) audits and appeals
  • Sales Tax audits and appeals
  • FCC Enforcement Bureau and USF "Strike Force" Investigations
  • USF Under-collection and Non-payment
  • Outage Reporting Audits
  • USF Lifeline and Payment Quality Assurance Program Audits
  • State PUC Investigations into Broadband Infrastructure Requirements
  • State Attorney General Investigations focused on Consumer Protection


Why Choose Us?

These wide-ranging audits and investigations demand not only legal acumen but also a comprehensive grasp of the intricate telecom landscape. With us as your advocates, you can confidently navigate these complex regulatory waters, ensuring your interests remain safeguarded throughout the process.

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