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Crafting a privacy policy protects your business and your customers

The importance of privacy protection for your business continues to rise as the U.S. federal and state governments and regulatory authorities worldwide address privacy issues associated with new technologies.

One of the greatest risks a company faces is damage to its reputation and its relationships with customers and business partners in the event of a data breach or cyber attack.

Successful companies must navigate a complex web of rapidly evolving laws, regulations, and policies at all levels of government, both domestic and international.

Our privacy professionals help clients implement best practices in information privacy and data security. We are aware of the potential for domestic and international enforcement actions for failure to protect consumer information. 

Privacy policy development 

No one privacy policy is appropriate for all clients. Published privacy policies must reflect the actual practices of a company and must not over- or understate the commitments a company makes concerning its use of personal data.

Procedures used by another company could be irrelevant to your company's practices, or the type of data that your company collects and uses for different purposes. We have a dedicated privacy practice to help our clients take the time to draft clear, complete, accurate privacy or security policies relevant to the applicable laws and the company's collection and use of personal data.

We help clients draft, review, revise and interpret policies and procedures, create privacy and data security programs, and conduct training for employees on privacy, data security, and business practices.

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