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We help clients maintain CPNI compliance and offer compliant employee training programs

Customer proprietary network information (CPNI) is the data collected by telecommunications companies about a consumer's telephone calls. It includes the time, date, duration and destination number of each call, the type of network a consumer subscribes to, and any other information that appears on the consumer's telephone bill.

Each year, telecommunications companies need to file with the FCC to certify that staff has completed CPNI training.

The FCC requires employees of telecom providers to be trained so they understand what they can and cannot say during the course of in-person or telephone conversations, how to manage personal data, and how to get consent or log opt-out/opt-in conversations.

Failure to comply with the FCC’s CPNI requirements could results in disciplinary action, fines, and penalties.

CPNI training program syllabus

  • The definition of CPNI and exceptions
  • When customer approval is required for the use and sharing of CPNI and what type of approval is required
  • Authentication requirements
  • CPNI breach notification requirements
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Annual Certifications
  • Enforcement

Benefits of CPNI training

  • Increases employee awareness of privacy issues, legal requirements, and risks associated with handling customer proprietary network information
  • Documents each employee’s role in protecting CPNI
  • Reduces the risk of harm to your company’s reputation
  • Increases dialogue that results in better incident reporting and responsiveness

Our CPNI training sessions are customized to your business and workforce. Customization ensures your training program is applicable to the type and location of telecom products and services your company offers and how your employees interact with protected data. 

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