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Companies must prevent and resolve data breaches, plus comply with consumer protection and data privacy regulations

From high-profile data breaches to violations of consumer and employee privacy due to inattention to the importance of data security, protection of personal identifying information (PII) is critical. Our attorneys advise companies on the laws and regulations that mandate the collection, use, and protection of PII. We also support mandatory reporting requirements and develop strategies for reducing exposure to liability in the event of a security or data breach. 

Our attorneys draft privacy, data security, and CPNI policies and procedures. We conduct employee training so clients' employees are compliant with data security practices. 

Scrutinizing third-party vendors

To ensure adequate protections, companies must work directly with vendors, employees, independent contractors, and customers to obtain, use, secure, and protect internal and external customer data. We review contracts and develop guidelines for our clients to audit third-party vendors who handle customer and employee data to minimize risk exposure if the vendor mishandles PII.

Security breach disclosures

In the event of a data breach or cyber attack, our attorneys ensure clients comply with mandatory reporting when applicable and develop strategies to manage notifications and proactively reduce the risk of litigation.

Breach incidents that might have allowed personal information to be accessed by unauthorized third parties are governed by differing federal, state, and territorial laws.

Each applies to different types of data and imposes different obligations. We assist companies in preparing for a possible breach of security of their systems. In consumer law protection, if a breach occurs, we assist clients in responding, evaluating the breach, determining whether security breach disclosure laws apply to the incident, addressing associated contractual issues, and complying with breach notification requirements under various state laws as required.

Serving the telecommunications, broadband, wireless, cloud computing, and SaaS industries, we understand how critical data protection and security is to the operations of a successful telecom business. Our in-depth understanding of FCC, FTC and state privacy regulations, including the FCC’s open Internet regulations, means we help clients prevent and protect at every facet of exposure. 

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