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NewVenture Legal LaunchPad: Market Entry Packages

Efficient, Affordable, and Effective — Curated Specifically for Modern Day Tech Start-Up Companies

Combining Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC’s (M&D) decades of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law expertise and wealth of experience assisting tech startups with The Commpliance Group’s robust compliance support expertise to bring you an unparalleled, value-driven service.

Introducing M&D’s “NewVenture Legal LaunchPad”!

Where your tech start-up can get all of the legal services it needs, all in one place, all at affordable fixed rates, and all delivered by experienced professionals who will stand by your company’s side every step of the way, from its very first breath to its successful and bountiful exit!

Launching and managing a business already involves a complex web of administrative tasks, team coordination, research, and strategic troubleshooting. You want to entrust your legal needs to seasoned startup attorneys to proceed confidently and focus on your core business activities.

While legal paperwork and compliance can appear daunting, ignoring them can exacerbate issues over time, leaving your startup vulnerable to an array of legal risks, ranging from excessive franchise tax liability and regulatory penalties to loss of intellectual rights to critical technology, co-founder disputes, and inability to secure vital venture capital. While some errors can be rectified down the road, preempting them at the outset yields far more favorable outcomes for your business.

Unlike generic online document databases, our dedicated startup lawyers craft tailored document packages that align precisely with your startup’s unique requirements and circumstances. We go beyond the paperwork; we offer strategic insights, forward-looking vision, and ongoing compliance support to help your business thrive.

NewVenture Legal LaunchPad Packages Include:

NewVenture Startup Essentials

one-time $1,999 fee + annual $300 ongoing compliance support [1] fee
  1. Attorney consultation
  2. Action by the Sole Incorporator
  3. Filing of Certificate of Incorporation with Delaware [2]
  4. Employment Identification Number (EIN) application [3]
  5. Bylaws
  6. Stockholder (Co-Founder) Agreement
  7. Initial Action by Directors (Unanimous Written Consent)
  8. Corporate resolution templates for future use
  9. Founder Restricted Stock Purchase and Technology Assignment Agreement
    1. IRS Section 83(b) election form and instructions to reduce the founders’ tax burden (if applicable)
    2. Joint escrow instructions
  10. Stock Certificates
  11. Instruction Letter (includes capitalization table maintenance tips)

[1] annual compliance fee includes registered agent, annual report, and franchise tax filing services in Delaware and does not include state filing fees
[2] registration to transact business and annual compliance in other states will entail additional fees
[3] additional fees may apply if the founders do not have a social security number

NewVenture Startup Plus

one-time $2,499 fee + annual $300 ongoing compliance support [4] fee

Includes Startup Essentials +

  1. Employment and Technology Assignment Agreement Template
  2. Stock Incentive Plan and related attorney consultation
  3. Stock Option Agreement Template
  4. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement Template

[4] annual compliance fee includes registered agent, annual report, and franchise tax filing services

NewVenture Brand Protection Bundle

one-time $1,499 fee per mark [5]
  1. Attorney trademark strategy consultation
  2. Legal classification of client’s goods/services
  3. Trademark clearance search [6], advice in the event of a trademark conflict
  4. Trademark application drafting and filing with the USPTO

[5] does not include USPTO filing fees
[6] includes the search for one mark. Clearance searches for additional marks in the event of a conflict will be charged according to the Legal Services Agreement


  • State and federal filing fees are not included in the fixed fees and will be charged to the client in advance of the filing.
  • Any services not included in the outlined scope will be negotiated with the client and billed separately.

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