The Future of Full Spectrum Compliance is

Compliance as Opportunity

Consulting Services provided by:

Do-It-Yourself Tools

Enter the telecommunications market in compliance with the Federal Comunications Commission’s basic rules. Open the door to more opportunities with our entry level service that puts the power to comply completely in your hands.

Managed Compliance

Rid yourself of the paperwork burden and use the opportunity to focus on growing your core business. Our experienced consultants will manage your routine report filing and fee payment obligations for affordable monthly fees.

Consulting Services

If your reporting needs fall outside the routine or if you have questions that go beyond the administration of compliance, our experienced consultants are available to help you stay on track and well-informed.

Risk Management

The communications industry can be a minefield of uncertainty and risk. When our consultants see red flags, we have attorneys on-call who can seamlessly provide risk-reduction guidance that lets you avert disaster and unwanted attention from regulatory enforcement agencies.


All organizations are bound by the rules, but our clients have access to a legal team that sees opportunity in compliance, where others only see cost. Our lawyers understand how to construct and implement insightful competitive compliance profiles.

Counsel and Defense

As a full-service law firm, our lawyers can defend your compliance profile, enforce other legal, contractual, or intellectual property rights, and address other legal or policy obstacles standing in the way of competitive opportunity.

Legal Services provided by:

Maximize Opportunity, Minimize Risk

Compliance is more than just accurate, on-time filing. It’s an opportunity to competitively position your organization within the communications industry.

At The CommLaw Group, we’ve engineered a full spectrum of compliance services for organizations like yours that are striving to minimize risk exposure without incurring wasteful costs or sacrificing business opportunity.

The Commpliance Group (our consulting affiliate) tackles all of your compliance administration needs through a range of services – from Do-It-Yourself solutions, to flat fee routine regulatory reporting to comprehensive, full-service compliance management.

The CommLaw Group regularly interfaces with our compliance consultants to address risk management, offer interpretive guidance, and manage escalated issues that necessitate legal counsel and defense–all to facilitate total compliance without sacrificing competitive positioning.

Our unique solution to the compliance challenges facing your communications enterprise puts the right people on the right task, not just the highest billing ones.

Together, our family of professional services firms and suite of services give you a competitive advantage while reducing compliance-related expenses and controlling exposure to risk.

"Full Spectrum" Professional Services Model

What is the “Full Spectrum” professional services model? How does it work? And how do I know I will receive the BEST VALUE for my compliance and legal services dollar, all without sacrificing QUALITY?

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