Regulatory Primer: Form 499 Revenue Reporting


Reporting Revenue from Interconnected VoIP Bundles and Corollary/Peripheral Services Sold in Conjunction With I-VoIP

Through the years, both our law firm and its affiliated consulting arm, The Commpliance Group, have represented hundreds of telecommunications and VoIP service providers with an assortment of legal and regulatory compliance matters on a nationwide basis.

More than any other area of communications regulation, the one that has confounded our clients and the industry at large has been, and continues to be, the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC” or “the Commission”) Universal Service Fund (“USF”) program, and the administration/enforcement of the program by the Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”).

In the interests of sharing knowledge and educating clients about the FCC Form 499 revenue reporting, USAC audits, and FCC appeals processes, we occasionally memorialize our experiences and circulate educational information to our entire client base in the hopes of highlighting issues (and opportunities) which may otherwise be overlooked. We hope you find the following information both useful and informative.

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