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Ms. Wagner is a partner and serves as the primary litigator for municipality and railroad right-of-way access as well as related land disputes. She is also counsels s her clients on general corporate and contract work.

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Jane Wagner is partner with Marashlian & Donahue.

As an experienced litigator with a law degree from George Mason Law School, she serves as the firm’s primary litigator for right-of-way access and related land disputes.  A significant portion of her practice focuses on advocacy relating to use of public rights of way and governmental claims for compensation. She assists clients with fiber optic infrastructure development, including condemnation work and access to public rights of way via permits, licenses and easements. She has significant experience representing entities with the power of eminent domain during all stages of the condemnation process, including reviewing and revising easements and right-of-way agreements, negotiating for the acquisition of real property interests prior to the initiation of condemnation proceedings and filing and defending condemnation proceedings. In addition, Ms. Wagner provides utilities with advice on the legitimacy of railroad license terms and fees. Jane is frequently before the Illinois Commerce Commission fighting for her clients’ right to install their lines in Illinois communities. 

When not fighting for access rights, Ms. Wagner assists her clients with contract negotiation, drafting, defense and enforcement as well as general corporate restructurings.  She represents clients at all stages of their business development working with them to achieve creative solutions to address their needs and create unique opportunities. She routinely advises on the structuring and implementation of diverse licensing arrangements, joint ventures, collaborations, acquisitions and other contractual agreements.

Though her practice is focused in the Midwest, she represents nationwide telecommunication, broadband and cable providers.  This has provided Jane with the opportunity to assist clients in their efforts to lobby various state legislatures to implement state-wide broadband strategies.  Working to help expand her clients’ footprints in rural and underserved markets is a passion for Jane. She is always looking for ways to bring together industry leaders and government officials to promote affordable broadband access and utilization.

Additional Information

Ms. Wagner served as the Publications Editor for the George Mason University Civil Rights Law Review during law school.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Ms. Wagner double majored in History and Communications. She received her Juris Doctor at the George Mason University School of Law.

Ms. Wagner is admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois

Practice Areas

Privacy and Security
Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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