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Come Early to TeleStrategies and Attend the “USF Workshop”; Learn About Tax Engine Implementation Issues from CommLaw’s Expert Attorneys

You are cordially invited to ARRIVE EARLY for the 2023 Telestrategies Communications Tax Conference so you can attend the Pre-Conference Half-Day Universal Service Fund (USF) Workshop

This workshop explores the USF issues that have long plagued telecommunications and emerging operators. Leading attorneys in the field will discuss everything from basic principles to complex reporting issues and even some of the challenges service providers confront when attempting to operationalize their compliance through the utilization of “Tax Engine” software solutions.

Allison Rule and Jackie McHugh, two leading experts in the field of telecom taxation will lead a Workshop session you will not want to miss! 

Allison and Jackie are both partners in The CommLaw Group’s Communications Taxes & Fees practice.  Each possesses the very special and in-depth experience of having navigated dozens of clients –of all shapes and sizes– through the complex and challenging process of evaluating, arriving at, and implementing not just the policies, but also the “operational infrastructure” (OSS/BSS and “Tax Engines”) and even the personnel roles, responsibilities and procedures that every company needs to know if they wish to comply with the myriad tax and regulatory fee obligations imposed on communications service providers.  They will be guiding the audience through the regulatory and tax compliance “ECOSYSTEM” from their unique perspectives in the afternoon session: 

The Regulatory and Tax Compliance Ecosystem – 2:45-3:45 PM ET

  • Initial Tax Mapping Basics
    • What are you selling?
    • Unique issues associated with mapping I-VoIP services
    • Mapping bundled servicesInterstate vs. intrastate service
      • Traffic study?
    • Cost recovery fees
    • Unique Issues associated with other services
  • Private line
    • PIU certifications
    • Ensuring both end points are assessed
  • The Ecosystem
    • Intersection between mapping software, billing systems and accounting records
    • Mapping with an eye toward impacts on Form 499-A reporting, PUC compliance and state and local tax reporting
    • “Garbage in/garbage out”
  • Being an Active Participant in the Mapping Process
    • Only you truly understand what you’re selling
    • You have the ultimate responsibility for whether the data reported on your regulatory and tax filings is correct
    • Mapping is not a “one and done” exercise

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE:   Clients and other friends of the firm are invited to take advantage of a variety of special discounts on the cost of conference registration.  If you are interested in attending and would like a discount code prior to registration, please respond to this message.  Available discounts will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Respond to this Advisory or email Jonathan S. Marashlian at for more information. 

There is no additional cost to attend the Pre-Conference Workshops.


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