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Join The CommLaw Group at Telestrategies Communications Tax Conference in New Orleans!

You are cordially invited to join The CommLaw Group at the 2022 Telestrategies Communications Tax Conference being held in New Orleans from May 4th – 6th!   

CommLaw’s Managing Partner, Jonathan  Marashlian, will moderate the keynote presentation, featuring a panel of Washington, D.C.  telecom attorneys and special guest, Carol Mattey of Mattey Consulting. Carol is the author of the USForward Report, which beckons the FCC to fix the broken USF contribution system by adding broadband revenue into the contribution-eligible base of revenues. The USForward Report is supported by over 350 organizations, including prominent trade groups and broadband providers. 

The keynote panelists will discuss the USF reform proceeding that is actively underway at the Commission. Pursuant to Congressional directives, the FCC opened a Notice of Inquiry to solicit input on ways to reform the USF in light of the broadband investments in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This once in a generation proceeding will undoubtedly result in meaningful changes to the program that will impact the bottom lines of nearly every business in the telecom, broadband, and information services sector. Carol will explain why the current program is on a death spiral and how the addition of broadband revenue into the USF contribution eligible revenue base is the most efficient, lawful, and effective way to stabilize and sustain the program. The esteemed and well-connected telecom attorneys on the panel will discuss other alternatives being floated before the FCC, including assessing edge providers, “hybrid” connections and revenue-based models, and direct Congressional appropriations. The panel will also debate the merits and implications of pending appeals filed by Consumers Research, et. al, in the 5th and 6th Circuits wherein the constitutionality of the USF program is being challenged. 

In addition, CommLaw Partners, Allison Rule and Jackie McHugh, will be presenting on two important topics:

“Garbage In” is “Garbage Out!” — Advanced Issues in Tax Engine Mapping to Ensure Accuracy and Optimization

This panel features Allison Rule and David Rubenstein, senior tax specialist at CCH/WoltersKluwer. 

The key to accurately calculating taxes and fees for companies in the telecom and information technologies fields boils down to “tax engine mapping.” If your data inputs are inaccurate, imprecise, or otherwise non-optimized, you can be confident the data outputs – the dollar values invoiced, collected and remitted – will likewise be imperfect. This panel session will guide you through some of the challenges commonly encountered when mapping VoIP products, including how to properly code them to reflect optimal assessments under the federal USF and TRS programs. Panelists will also discuss recent developments at USAC and their impact on tax mapping decisions and cover best practices around mapping VoIP services, bundles and other complex mapping issues impacting enhanced services, SaaS, UCaaS, and various flavors of VoIP solutions. 

Selling Your Telecom Company? Going Out of Business? Avoid Unpleasant Surprises and Hidden Costs by Properly Deactivating Your 499 Filer ID with USAC and Tackling Other Wind Down Requirements

Featuring Jackie McHugh and Seth Williams, a former CommLaw associate attorney and current member at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC.

This session will provide a tutorial on the Filer ID deactivation process at USAC, as well as other regulatory loose ends, to ensure your telecom company properly winds down operations after a merger, sale, or other end of business circumstances. Whether you sell your company, or business unit, or stop providing regulated telecom service for another reason, it can be tempting to think of the closing date or the date you stop providing service as the end of your responsibilities (and the end of your liabilities).  Unfortunately, the process to close-out your company’s 499 filer ID and complete related filings at the FCC, State Utility Commissions and even tax agencies can create a long tail. Understanding the process and how to navigate it can help your company save time and money as well as help you plan strategically in the context of a transaction or wind down. 

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE:   Clients and other friends of the firm are invited to take advantage of a variety of special discounts.  If you are interested in attending and would like a discount code prior to registration, please respond to this message.  Available discounts will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Respond to this Advisory or email Jonathan S. Marashlian at for more information. 


If you are planning to attend the TeleStrategies conference and would like to meet up with our Team, please contact Jonathan S. Marashlian at or reach out to any of the Team members listed below.  In addition to Jonathan Marashlian, Allison Rule and Jackie McHugh, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with Michael Donahue, Jane Wagner and Linda McReynolds, all of whom will be in attendance.


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