Commercial Matters

Agreements & Negotiations

Agreements between businesses are among the most important assets a company can have. Anyone who’s been through an acquisition knows that the buyer is keenly interested in the terms and conditions of the seller’s agreements — both with customers and with vendors. The terms are important, particularly for large purchases or sales of goods or services, and for strategic transactions like resale or joint marketing arrangements. Striking the right balance in negotiating these transactions is an art. And doing it artfully requires specialized expertise.

The CommLaw Group attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable negotiators. Whether a multi-million dollar telecommunications transactions, equipment purchase agreement, a resale agreement, or many other types of business arrangements, we have drafted and negotiated literally hundreds of contracts; as a result, we have a deep understanding of a wide variety of transactions.

Strategic Business Planning & Advice

A sensible business plan defines a business, identifies goals, and serves as a basic recipe for success. The threshold requirements for enterprising individuals include developing sound business, financial, and marketing plans, as well as gaining an understanding of pertinent laws, regulations and licensing requirements. With very few exceptions, every business begins as a small business. Some stay small; others experience positive and sustained growth. Good business planning is focused on a vision of the future while recognizing available resources and financial realities. The CommLaw Group helps businesses get off to a good start. We advise our clients about the legal and practical issues associated with business law, and help them answer questions relating to:

  • Acquisition
  • Business entity creation
  • Regulatory considerations and obstacles
  • Dissolution
  • Equipment, products and services
  • Financing
  • Strategic and financial planning