Internet Law & eCommerce

Internet-based, e-commerce companies present unique legal challenges: drafting electronic contracts, protecting against
universal jurisdiction, addressing privacy issues and attending to distinctive intellectual property concerns. So, while an online business has similar corporate and employment concerns as a traditional brick-and-mortar entity, many of the things taken for granted in a brick-and-mortar business simply cannot be pushed aside when conducting business online. The CommLaw Group strives to tailor its representation to meld the standard legal challenges that all businesses face, while at the same time meeting the unique needs of online commerce.

Unlike many traditional law firms, which struggle to understand the legal challenges presented by the Internet and e-commerce, The CommLaw Group’s Internet law & E-Commerce attorneys are steeped in experience dating back to the commercial Internet’s infancy through the epic “Dot Com” era. Some of the specific issues we handle include:

  • Taxation of Internet sales, purchases, and transactions
  • Intellectual property filings to protect a website, including copyright registration and trademark/trade dress registration for protectable aspects of the website
  • Online copyright and trademark infringement
  • Sales, leases and disputes involving domain names
  • Developing website agreements and disputes involving:
    • Website development
    • Custom software development and licensing
    • Technology joint ventures
    • Software consulting
    • Purchase, sale or license of proprietary technology
  • Developing legal disclaimers for websites, including terms and conditions, privacy policies and online sale or license agreements
  • Legal aspects of online marketing
  • Internet-based contests and sweepstakes
  • Compliance with the federal CAN SPAM Act
  • Pay-per-click advertising, unfair Internet business practices and Internet scams such as domain name highjacking
  • Online defamation and First Amendment rights
  • Locating the most advantageous countries and/or states for hosting your e-commerce website International issues and disputes
  • International issues and dispute

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