Dispute Resolution & Litigation

When dispute resolution fails and the circumstances call for litigation, The CommLaw Group’s talented litigation attorneys aggressively assert and defend our clients’ legal rights and interests before state and federal courts, regulatory agencies, and other venues. Litigation has become an integral, and at times unavoidable, aspect of the business world. Recognizing that litigation is never an end in itself, our litigators believe that litigation should be used only as a tool of last resort. In line with this philosophy, our attorneys’ first line of attack is to work closely with clients, and attorneys in the other practice groups, to counsel on amicable resolutions and avoidance of litigation. Should litigation become necessary, our attorneys offer extensive litigation expertise in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The CommLaw Group’s Dispute Resolution and Litigation Practice Group has established a reputation for excellence through its aggressive, efficient and successful representation of clients in a wide range of substantive legal areas. What sets us apart from the crowd is our unique specialization in telecommunications, VoIP and other advanced communications mediums. Applying our industry knowledge, we aggressively protect the interests of our communications clients in disputes with competitors, and also with customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, employees, lenders and regulators. We represent our communications clients on almost any issue they face in practically any forum — whether litigations, investigations or regulatory challenges before federal or state courts, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, state Attorneys General, the FCC, state Public Utility Commissions, mediators or arbitrators. Our trial attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in all phases of litigation, including jury and bench trials, arbitrations, mediations and appeals.

The CommLaw Group’s litigation attorneys are admitted to practice before the local courts, various state and federal trial and appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court. In addition, our attorneys work hand-in-hand with local counsel throughout the country, giving them and the firm the ability to effectively manage litigation nationwide.

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Our Philosophy on Litigation: Serve in the Best Interests of our Clients Strategically, Emotionally and Financially

When business negotiations fail and litigation becomes a possibility, management often becomes fearful of taking the next step and retaining litigation counsel. There are fears about the unknown risks and unintended consequences of litigation, but frequently the primary fear is cost. That is why the attorneys at The CommLaw Group approach litigation with all of our clients’ best interests (and fears) in mind.

  • As simple as it seems, many lawyers ignore the most important first step in any pre-litigation strategy—figuring out where the client wants to go and how to get there. Defining goals and objectives drive our firm’s litigation strategy. That is why we:
    Meet to identify and understand client goals—business as well as legal—and develop a plan to align our services to those goals
  • Perform early case assessment to develop a litigation plan, evaluate the possibility of early settlement and assess costs for different litigation strategies
  • Enable strategic success via efficiency, predictability and client satisfaction

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