Cyber Security and CALEA

The CommLaw Group’s federal regulatory attorneys are experts in cyber security and data protection issues associated with telecommunications and broadband networks. We can help new and established telecommunications service providers, interconnected VoIP providers, and broadband and Internet service providers ensure that their networks conform to federal, state, and international data protection, security, and law enforcement regulations, including federal cyber security laws and regulations and the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (“CALEA”).

Our attorneys work individually with clients to create a comprehensive program for providers of communications services necessary to sustain a high level of cyber security and data protection. We are experts at helping clients understand the complex federal, state, and international laws that govern cyber security and law enforcement access. We also help clients develop targeted privacy policies, cyber security compliance certifications, and CALEA System Security and Integrity plans (“SSI”) in order to comply with federal law.

On the Internet side, The CommLaw Group helps clients by providing practical business-friendly advice on issues such as: transmitting and storing user-generated content, DMCA implementation and compliance, conducting email marketing consistent with CAN-SPAM, complying with laws pertaining to gambling, and adult-content. We also help service providers on government compliance issues that arise under ECPA, CALEA, FISA, Cable and Wiretap Acts and in implementing Wiretap, FISA, Pen Register and Trap & Trace Orders and NSLs.

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