Communications Media Law

Using its extensive experience in representing some of the most cutting edge and progressive communications providers, The CommLaw Group is uniquely positioned to guide media providers through an evolving business, regulatory, and technological landscape. For over two decades, The CommLaw Group has built its reputation as a dynamic legal firm providing solutions to the legal and business obstacles facing media companies.

The CommLaw Group represents all of the players on the modern media stage, including major market broadcast radio and television broadcast stations; educational and religious noncommercial broadcasters; low power television stations; low power FM radio stations; digital content providers; streaming media providers; multichannel video programming distributors, including cable, satellite and Internet based distributors; broadband data and video service providers; print publishers; artists and other content creators; film producers; record labels; Internet service providers; consumer and network equipment manufacturers; and software manufacturers. Our clients range from small, family owned enterprises to established public media companies to entrepreneurs just starting new ventures.

The CommLaw Group’s media practice encompasses all of the possible concerns media companies could have, including understanding and complying with Federal, State and international regulation; development of communications policy; negotiating complex transactional matters; protecting intellectual property matters, including copyrights, trademarks and patents; and entertainment industry legal matters.


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