Cloud Computing and Communications (SaaS / CaaS / IaaS)

The move to the cloud has skyrocketed. More businesses look to cost-effective and efficient solutions to satisfy their hardware, software, communications, and IT needs. However, unlike other industries having simply to deal with the risk inherent in any strategic business decision, cloud computing is presented with unique challenges. Particular problems must be addressed before any business makes the leap to the cloud. In the cloud, questions of data storage and protection, consumer privacy, and what law and jurisdiction govern cannot be ignored. Even more crucial is recognizing that state and local governments are slow to react to market shifts and technological innovation, which leaves cloud providers with few laws and ground rules to guide their behavior and business relationships. Contract formation, analysis, review, and negotiations are therefore critical for any cloud computing business to thrive.
Our firm has the experience to assist cloud-based service providers to reach their market potential. With our skills in privacy, security, intellectual property, taxes, and commercial transactions, we solve the most complex legal puzzles for cloud providers. Our practice in the areas of cloud communications (CaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and other hosted platforms (IaaS, PaaS) has equipped the firm with the tools and knowledge to educate clients and deliver results.