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Potentially save your customers and your company tens... even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary taxes and regulatory fees!

Spare your company from "out of pocket" audit exposure.

You may even achieve both objectives!

No Upfront Cost!

no obligation!

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what is billing compliance optimization?

With a Billing Compliance Optimization, our experienced tax and regulatory attorneys review your company’s product offerings to:

1. Determine where opportunities exist to potentially shield revenue from taxes and regulatory fees in lawful and defensible ways and/or…

2. Identify areas where your current tax and regulatory compliance plan may make your company vulnerable to enforcement actions, audits and out-of-pocket financial exposure.

Who can most benefit from Billing Compliance Optimization?

Our No Upfront Cost, No Obligation Billing Compliance Optimization service is available to a wide variety of communications providers with less than 100 distinct product offerings, including:

  • Interconnected VoIP Retailers
  • Non-Interconnected VoIP Retailers
  • UCaaS Providers
  • Cloud-Based Communications Providers
  • VoIP Platform Providers
  • Call Center Solution Providers
  • Wireless/CMRS Retailers and MVNOs

What types of issues are typically identified in a Billing Compliance Optimization?

Our focus is tax and regulatory fee compliance, revenue protection and competitive positioning. We help providers improve their compliance profile and implement strategies to help avoid and defend against potential audits. We also look for lawful opportunities to shield revenue from unnecessary exposure, thus reducing pass-throughs billed to customers. Upon implementation of our recommendations, our goal is to leave your company in superior compliance position while maximizing its competitive position vis-a-vis unoptimized competitors.

As part of our analytical process, we will address the following:

  • Jurisdictionalization of revenue
  • Allocation opportunities for bundled services
  • Identification of telecom vs. Internet Access services
  • Identification of software vs. telecom services
  • 911 compliance and remittance
  • Cost recovery mechanisms

What is your price point?

At Marashlian & Donahue, we take great pride in our ability to evolve with the ever-changing legal marketplace to meet the needs of competitive businesses. As part of this effort, we are constantly exploring ways to deliver better value to our clients through innovative pricing plans and opportunities. Our Billing Compliance Optimization service pricing is no exception to this fundamental principle.

For a limited time only, there are NO upfront costs and NO obligation to pay!*

Once we deliver our high-level optimization recommendations, you can retain us to implement the recommendations or simply pay a flat fee of $2,500, and you may choose who, when and how to implement our recommended optimizations. 

In the event you are not completely satisfied with the Billing Compliance Optimization service, you will have no payment obligation.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now and put yourself in an optimized compliance and competitive position!

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*Subject to limitations and conditions, a contingency-based success fee may apply if our firm identifies over $100,000 in estimated annual savings.