The CommLaw Group believes that an “informed” client is the very best client. Knowledge is power – the power to predict regulatory trends, to anticipate risks, and to use your knowledge to make adjustments that will help keep your company out of harm’s way. And when our Firm has important or exciting news to announce about developments at our organization, including awards, achievements, hirings and various presentations & webinars, we will share information through News announcements.

Latest News, Webinars, and Advisories

Harsh TCPA Enforcement Trend Emerging Under Chairman Pai

Keep Track of TCPA Developments at the FCC by Downloading Our  August 2017 TCPA Compliance Monitoring Report If once is chance, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend, there’s now a clear trend pointing to robust Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) enforcement

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FCC Updates Equipment Authorization Rules

In its July 2017 Open Meeting, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) will vote on a Report and Order (“R&O”)  containing new rules that will impact how RF equipment manufacturers, vendors, importers, and distributors may conduct their businesses.  The FCC emphasized the importance

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FCC Sets Comment Deadlines on Broadband Access to MTEs Inquiry

Concerned that its current policies on contractual and non-contractual arrangements between service providers and owners/managers of commercial multiple tenant environments (“MTEs”  such as apartment buildings, condominiums, shopping malls, etc.) might be hindering deployment of broadband deployment to those multi-unit premises,

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