The CommLaw Group believes that an “informed” client is the very best client. Knowledge is power – the power to predict regulatory trends, to anticipate risks, and to use your knowledge to make adjustments that will help keep your company out of harm’s way. And when our Firm has important or exciting news to announce about developments at our organization, including awards, achievements, hirings and various presentations & webinars, we will share information through News announcements.

Latest News, Webinars, and Advisories

FCC Bans Wireless Carriers from Using USF Funds to Purchase Equipment Deemed a National Security Threat; Opens Rulemaking to Consider Impact of Ordering Removal and Replacement

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) announced, via a news release (“the Order”), that it will ban wireless carriers from obtaining benefits from the federal Universal Service Fund (“USF”) if they purchase new telecom equipment originating from companies deemed

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FCC Proposes to Eliminate More Local Market Opening, Pro-Competitive Provisions of Landmark 1996 Telecom Act Through Release of Rulemaking Entitled “Modernizing Unbundling and Resale Rules in an Era of Next-Generation Networks and Services”

The Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”)  Wireline Competition Bureau (“Bureau”) announced its intention to open a rulemaking proceeding in which to consider eliminating a number of Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (“ILEC”) network unbundling requirements and take other measures aimed at freeing

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CLIENT ALERT: Verizon and Other “Terminating Carriers” Actively Implementing SHAKEN/STIR to Combat Unlawful Robocalling; Don’t Sign That Contract Amendment Until You Understand the Implications on Your Company and its Customers

With only a couple months left in 2019, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s “end of 2019” deadline for telecom carriers to implement industry-based solutions to help curb the scourge of unlawful and harassing robocalls and caller ID spoofing is fast approaching. 

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Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Announces Filing Period for Hearing Aid Compliance Certifications and New Website Posting and Record Retention Requirements

The FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has recently announced the filing period for wireless service providers and wireless handset manufacturers to electronically file hearing aid compatibility certifications covering the 2018 reporting period. Wireless service providers and wireless handset manufacturers must file

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