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Latest News, Webinars, and Advisories

FCC Deadline for Part 90 Legacy to Part 96 CBRS Equipment Transition for Operators in the 3.5GHz Spectrum Band is Approaching Fast – Get Your Company’s Waiver Request Filed with the FCC Now! (ATTORNEY MARKETING)

THE FOLLOWING IS A RE-POST OF AN E-MAIL SHARED WITH MEMBERS OF WISPA, THE WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS ASSOCIATION Dear WISPA Member: The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) April 17, 2020 deadline to transition Part 90 legacy equipment to Part 96

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FCC Expands Contribution Base of TRS Fund to Include Intrastate Revenue; Evaluate Your Carrier’s Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee Practices to Avoid Shortfalls or Gross Over-Collection

On November 29, 2019, the FCC released a Report and Order, requiring telecommunications and VoIP providers to contribute  on the basis of intrastate revenues to the federal Telecommunications Relay Services (“TRS”) Fund for the support of Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone

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Why Are Some OTT VoIP Providers Leaving Money on the Table?

Intercarrier compensation is a topic most providers of over-the-top (“OTT”) VoIP services would find esoteric and archaic.  And, in the long-term, absent a major change in FCC policy, intercarrier compensation will likely disappear, except for toll-free calls that are paid

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Are One-Way VoIP Services on the Precipice of Regulatory Parity with Two-Way Interconnected VoIP, including Direct Universal Service Fund Contribution Obligations? Magic Eight Ball says, “Signs Point to Yes.”

The following Advisory Memorandum examines recent actions by the Federal Communications Commission and the potential short and long-term implications of these actions on providers of Interconnected VoIP services (including Two-Way and One-Way service variations). Is the past prologue? FCC regulation

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