The CommLaw Group believes that an “informed” client is the very best client. Knowledge is power – the power to predict regulatory trends, to anticipate risks, and to use your knowledge to make adjustments that will help keep your company out of harm’s way. And when our Firm has important or exciting news to announce about developments at our organization, including awards, achievements, hirings and various presentations & webinars, we will share information through News announcements.

Latest News, Webinars, and Advisories

FCC Compliance Guides – Now Available for Download!

The CommLaw Group is pleased to announce the availability of a variety of FCC Regulatory Compliance Guides & Manuals at: Guides covering the following topics are currently offered: Interconnected VoIP service provider compliance Wireless (MVNO and MVNE) service provider

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FCC Revises and Extends Hearing Aid Compatibility Rules

At its November 19, 2015 Open Meeting, the FCC revised its Hearing Aid Compatibility Rules and proposed additional changes. In recognition of market and technology developments, the Commission extended the reach of its rules from only cellular-based handsets to handsets

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When Evaluating Outbound Calling Risk Don’t Forget State Law

Over the past year, we have emphasized the role of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and private plaintiffs in enforcing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and addressed the FCC’s evolving and expanding interpretation of the TCPA. However, it is important for businesses to keep

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