The CommLaw Group believes that an “informed” client is the very best client. Knowledge is power – the power to predict regulatory trends, to anticipate risks, and to use your knowledge to make adjustments that will help keep your company out of harm’s way. And when our Firm has important or exciting news to announce about developments at our organization, including awards, achievements, hirings and various presentations & webinars, we will share information through News announcements.

Latest News, Webinars, and Advisories

More Regulatory Fees on the Horizon as States Given Green Light to Recover Costs Related to 9-8-8 “National Suicide Hotline” Services; Disability Rights Advocates Ask FCC to Accelerate Deadline for Text-to-9-8-8 and Direct Video Calling Compliance

On October 17, 2020, President Trump signed S. 2661 — the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 (the “Act”). In addition to codifying the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) designation of 9-8-8 as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number, the

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Reminder of Upcoming 911 Compliance Deadline

As we approach the end of 2020, certain manufacturers, vendors and service providers should be gearing up to comply with the requirements of RAY BAUM’s Act, starting on January 6, 2021.  Under the FCC’s rules, new installations of fixed multiline

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Another Record Shattered! FCC Announces Proposed USF Contribution Factor of 27.1% for 4Q20! Join CommLaw’s Managing Partner at Cloud Comms “Virtual” Summit Where the Skyrocketing USF and Possible Reforms Will be Discussed

The Federal Communications Commission released a public notice on September 14, 2020, announcing the proposed universal service contribution factor for the fourth quarter of 2020 will be 27.1%, up from the previous quarter’s 26.5%.   At 27.1%, the Q4 Universal Service

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