Erik De Herdt

Outside Legal Consultant


Erik De Herdt is an outside consulting attorney, European law. In partnership with The CommLaw Group and through an independent consulting firm, Aztec Consult (a global information technology legal & regulatory consultancy), Mr. De Herdt provides U.S. and multi-national enterprise clients with international market entry, licensure and regulatory/legal compliance advisory counsel. Erik is counsel and managing partner of Aztec Consult, located in Brussels, Belgium. He possesses over 12 years experience in virtually all aspects of international communications & technology law and regulation serving executive officers and cross functional teams in cloud communication providers, telecom operators, technology enterprises and information service providers.

Serving clients in the following industry segments:

  • Over The Top (OTT) players, providers of cloud communications, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Communications as a Software (CaaS);
  • Internet Based (IP-based) services, including Voice over Internet (VoIP) and other hybrid & convergent communications service providers;
  • Fixed and mobile telecom operators and providers of electronic communication services and networks;
  • Virtual network operators (including MVNOs), value added service providers, application providers and resellers;
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and broadband networks;
  • Information service providers, outsourcing companies, cloud computing providers, data centers and technology enterprises;
  • Advanced communication application (apps) services & developers.

Erik is praised for his extensive knowledge, hands-on approach and drive for excellence. He bonds well with a team and looks forward to undertaking new responsibilities. Erik is persistent in the face of obstacles and uncompromising in his drive for quality solutions to the benefit of the client’s organization.

About Aztec Consult

Aztec Consult is a boutique consulting firm with focus on legal, regulatory, strategic and interconnection advice for the Telecom, Media and Technology industry. Using a multi-disciplinary team approach, Aztec Consult provides business-oriented advice tailored to the particular needs of clients.

As communication and technology are by their nature global, Aztec Consult supports many languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German), works with people from different cultures, and disposes of an extensive network of local experts across many regions. Throughout the years we developed and established excellent professional relationships with officers from multiple national regulatory authorities and numbering administrations.

Representative Experience

Erik De Herdt specializes in telecommunications, media and technology law. He developed a particular know-how in the communications and technology industry to offer to clients a high quality service in strategic projects, telecom regulation as well as local and global business transactions. Throughout the years, he completed successful assignments for many business clients. Needless to say that the communications industry is his playground.

More recently Erik developed a particular expertise in the domain of cloud communication, IP enabled voice and IP interconnect. He assists a cloud communication providers in deploying voice inbound services in more than 50 countries (all EU member states, as well as many jurisdictions in North America, Latam and Asiapac), securing licenses from the respective authorities, obtaining allocation of fixed and mobile numbering resources, entering into interconnection or hosting arrangements, and ensuring overall regulatory compliance.

In addition, Erik advises clients on telecom regulation and associated legislation to enable them to develop and roll out products on the European market, or to deploy compliance programs in respect of numbering, emergency services, intercept or data privacy. He regularly drafts and negotiates complex telecommunication agreements such as MVNO deals or interconnection agreements. Erik also represents several clients in the context of national or international consultations conducted by national regulators, authorities or the European Commission that may affect their business.

Erik speaks Dutch, French, English and German. He frequently speaks at professional and academic conferences and published papers and presentations on telecom regulation and cloud computing.


Erik is a qualified lawyer in Belgium and obtained his law degree, cum laude, at the University of Antwerp.  Mr. De Herdt is not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction in the United States.