The Commpliance Group Unveils the “Compliance Square” and its AccuCompliance SaaS-Based Solution in TelecomTech Outlook Cover Story

Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, is pleased to share news of its affiliated consulting firm’s cover story in the September issue of TelecomTech Outlook Magazine and congratulate the team on being named to TelecomTech Outlook’s list of Top 10 IP Telephony/VoIP Consulting Service Companies of 2020!  

COVER STORY:  The Commpliance Group Unveils the ‘Compliance Square’

Link to full September edition of TelecomTech Outloook Magazine:

Compliance is a complicated, multifaceted, an often-customizable endeavor, where “one size” definitely does not “fit all.”  New entrants, and even established providers, should think twice before handing over the keys to their compliance to an outsourced compliance vendor that promises the “Easy Button” or who suggest your company can “set it and forget it,” letting an automated software program take over the reins. Sustainable compliance in the real world involves a combination of experience, knowledge, risk sensitivity, thoughtful management, and the right software implemented the right way… right out of the gates.

Enter TCG and its one stop compliance shop, now available through its Compliance Square solution.

Compliance Square, it’s Where Compliance Comes Together

The idea behind The Commpliance Group was hatched out of the litany of missteps and shortcomings of its competitors. An award-winning, nationally recognized Telecom Law Firm located on the footsteps of Washington, D.C., set off to create a better mousetrap nearly 15 years ago. The fundamental premise of The Commpliance Group is simple, yet practically unheard of (as you’ll soon come to understand).

It should come as no surprise that lawyers make a lot of money helping their clients once their clients have gotten themselves in trouble. Lawyers are perceived as “necessary evils,” and expensive ones at that! There is truth to the saying, “everyone hates lawyers, until they need one.” Many in the legal profession feed off the carelessness of the business communities they represent, and telecom lawyers are no different. After all, why would any professional that makes a living off others’ mistakes do anything to help their future clients avoid trouble in the first instance?

Yet that is exactly why Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, created The Commpliance Group. In addition to being the founder and CEO of The Commpliance Group, Marashlian is also the managing partner at The CommLaw Group. He explains his seemingly counter-intuitive reasoning thusly:

“The value of earning a client’s trust and, with it, both intrinsic and financial rewards, cannot be measured in days, months or even years. When a lawyer helps a client out of a sticky mess, sure, the lawyer is often mightily rewarded for a successful effort (indeed, even not so successful ones). But the cost of cleaning up a mess can leave a bad taste in the client’s mouth, which then makes the business less inclined to lean on their lawyer in the future. And what many lawyers fail to appreciate is that the economics of a long-term attorney-client relationship, one that spans many years, even a lifetime, and which covers areas of the law beyond “regulatory” compliance, far outweigh the short-term economics that coincides with putting out fires and mopping up messes…

…what we encountered time and time again in our law firm’s practice is that we were cleaning up a lot of messy regulatory and tax compliance issues of businesses who’d been attracted to the alphabet soup of consultants and accounting firms promising low cost, hands-free compliance. Instead of simply focusing on the ‘short-termism’ of maximizing firm profits that comes with dousing the flames of a fire (and then throwing our clients back into the tinder box of the outsourced compliance cottage industry), we decided to build a better mousetrap. And that is how The Commpliance Group was born!

By injecting the knowledge, experience, and sensitivity of highly-trained telecom attorneys into the DNA of a more affordable, predictably priced consultancy firm, and then developing software and business processes to create efficiencies to drive the price of outsourcing compliance even lower, The Commpliance Group delivers the best of all worlds. And the trust we earn in doing so is rewarded by lifelong attorney-client relationships that tap into the full range of legal disciplines available at The CommLaw Group, which spans everything from contract law, privacy and data protection, mergers & acquisitions, and nearly every practice area in between.”

The revolutionary thinking and unique business model espoused by The Commpliance Group and its founder have not gone unnoticed.  The CommLaw Group has been named the Leading Customer Service Law Firm by ACG Global Awards multiple times and over the years earning several Client Choice Awards as the top telecom law firm by International Law Office/Lexology. More recently, The Commpliance Group was named one of 2020’s 10 Most Promising Telecom Consulting Service Providers by CIO Review.

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